Our personnel had involved in:

  • Installation and commissioning of DAS system/ Razi petrochemicals.
  • Commissioning of DCS system / Montazer-e-Ghaem power plant.
  • Design and preparation of control system and commissioning of EMCS/ Amir-kabir petrochemicals.
  • Commissioning of APU unit/Fadjr petrochemicals.
  • Design, Preparing of Control System, Installation and Commissioning of Painting hall/Iran Khodro.
  • Design of electricity, Control system and Instrumentation/Miduk Copper Complex.
  • Detailed design of control system of the gas burner of the kiln/Benvid white cement.
  • Training of Instrumentation staff in DCS/Rampco.
  • Detailed design of the electricity, control system and instrumentation of the Packing Unit/Benvid White Cement
  • Basic and detailed design of control system and Instrumentation of Bonyeke water transmission Station /Miduk Cooper
  • Design and manufacture of control system of deaerators/Bonyekeh water transmission station
  • Detail design and manufacture of control system of Gas Pilot Plant Project/Mehrizadan
  • Design, installation and commissioning of electricity, control system and Instrumentation /Kuwait Cement Company