Structured Design


  • Control System

Frequently projects involve the design of a variety of software applications. Whether for a PLC, DCS, or SCADA Host, getting it right the first time is a major factor in ensuring not only budget control but also quality control. ideh
Our projects include the creation of a Software Design Specification (SDS) that precisely defines the code or program structure. A SDS is a powerful design tool that defines items such as, communications routines, memory mapping, program flow and layout, interface areas, database design or architecture, first-out alarming, and documentation methods. Often the SDS identifies issues requiring consistency with a client's existing programs. The SDS removes client's concerns such as, "how will my program look?", "Will it be easy to follow?", "Will it be flexible?" These issues and more are addressed in the SDS.


  • Valves

Basic and detailed design including sizing and material selection is part of our structured design. Design for different type of valves through specialized software and actuator sizing di in modeling software to satisfy client technical and special care requirements.